To A Very Young Gal (Zeu)

When I think about you,
My heart skips a beat,
My body turns to jello,
I can barley stand on two feet,
Your big brown eyes meet mine,
My cheeks as red as wine,
It's as if we just met,
But don't forget,
I love when you hold me,
You make me feel safe,
I know in my heart,
There's no better place,
I hate when my eyes,
Get puffy and red,
You wipe away my tears,
Like nothing was said,
I feel you warm lips,
Pressed against mine,
They move in unison,
Well most of the time...
I sense your gentle touch,
It sends shivers down my spine,
Just knowing that,
You'll always be mine,
I love the fact,
Our love is so easy,
The laughs that we share,
No one can compare,
I like to believe,
This can be true,
I hope you love me,
As much as I love you❤


God's World

Rams with horns
cranes standing still
hummingbird straws
porcupine quills

armadillo armor
woodpecker drills
camouflaged chameleon
he can even do carnelian

fins of the dolphin
each bluebird wing
scorpion's sting
kangaroo pouch swing

beavers build dams
bees' hexagon combs
wasp masonry
birds weave nesthomes

rabbits burrowing
fox subterfuge
crow collecting
mole refuge

pigs' adaptability
rats' flexibility
Carries dromedary
her own dairy

shark teeth
lion claws
spiderweb spinning
give us pause

horses' hooves
ducks' webbed feet
giraffe height
firefly light

cheetah speed
camels' hump
whale rafts
elephant trunk

parrot mimicry
bear hibernation
skunk perfume
butterfly transformation


Titanic To Costa Concordia

Nervous wreck, unabashed pride

Semaphoring chorus

Metaphysical tides

Windy storms

A moment to gloat

This little boy had seen

Through the frame behind

The captain's locker

the simmering misfortune

Then, (we) tapped glasses

In extreme,

but gradually the night wore on

Life had become just a journey:

an endless one


Rape the Rapist

I wish there are some ways to save my virginity
I wish there are some ways to protect my liberty
I wish there are some ways to say 'NO'
I wish to rape the Rapist and Never let him Go

There are plenty of rules..None to follow..
There are many said Lies..But None to swallow..
There is a store of cries and many screaming crow...
I wish to rape the Rapist and Never let him Go

I often ask who is the rapist..
I often ask whom to call culprit...
I often ask whom to call My 'Bro'
I wish to rape the Rapist and Never let him Go

I am not here to let anything to Show...
I am not here to stop this depressing Flow...
I am not here to make to realize anything Though
I just want to rape the Rapist and Never let him Go...

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