If you're a good snatched to heaven,
why doubts, the groan, cry?
the mistrust, the torcedor breakdown,
the murky febrile sleepless nights?

If you are an evil on the earth floor,
Why them enjoy, the smile, the singing?
expectations, the glorious charm,
the visions of peace and consolation?

If you are a snow, why name your alive?;
If you are called, for what your inert ice?;
If you are shadow, why the light spill?

Why the shadow if you Dear light?;
If you are life, do you why give me death?;
If you are death, do you why give me life?


Without love

Without love

If at least
you have not said that I loved,
If you'd only drawn with your full hand
the meekness of my body,
If I'd assaulted in silence,
like water,
If you'd come to me as a sonámbulo,
all pulse, and heat, and skin, and language.

If at least
you have not said that I loved,
so bitter tonight
I would be easier to walk her.
Walk without you you're bitten
as a tramp in the window pan,
walk without you, that you've injured
as long belly bird.

If at least
you have not said that I loved,
If you'd only come with your today
simple and resounding as a zero
and nothing more, and nothing of your yesterday and your punishment,
and your fault and your old chariot yoked.
If I'd penetrated without words,
only and only in silence, Battleship.
If I would have measured with your meat
with the hard mouth to the currency,

If I'd achieved without hablarme…

If at least
you have not said that I loved,
If you'd just fallen dark
anonymous and fierce and speechless,
how easy walk by tonight
City dilated in streets.
How easy stop at the corners
and in the hands that pretend to be roses
on the limpid crystal of the stained glass Windows
How easy autumn and oblivion!


When you're not

When you're not

When not're, if you're not a day,
My voice, without a voice, you will be called without pause.
When not, if I am not a day,
You listen to my voice in a rumor that passes.

When not're, if you're not a day,
I clamaré by your grace in all grace.
When not, if I am not a day,
Move my profile the cold Moon
in the curtains in your window.

When not're, if you're not a day,
I just oiré the words in your Word.
When not, if it is that an I'm not a day,
You'll see my shadow between the cold shadow
next to the head of your bed.

When not're, if you're not a day,
There will be a tear in each verse my.
When not, if I am not a day,
I feel under the cold afternoon
reach you at the sound of the bells.

When not're, if you're not a day,
you seek on Earth, air, water.
When not, if I am not a day
you listen to my step between the cold shadow
following the steps around the House.

When not're, if you're not a day,
You inventaré in the smoke and flame.
When not, if I am not a day,
surprise the cold morning
my hand in your head hair.

When not're, if you're not a day,
invoke you in the dream my hope.
When not, if I am not a day,
I will go into the cold night in your sleep
When the dream you cover with its waters.


Love begins

Love begins

Love begins when they break fingers
and turn the costume flaps,
When no longer lack but not enough
old age look
When the Tower of memories, high or low,
it bends to the blood.

Love begins when God finishes
and when the man falls,
While things, too eternal,
they begin to spend
and signs, mouths and signs,
they bite each other anywhere.

Love begins
When the light cracking as a disguised dead
on the hopeless solitude.

Because love is just that:
the way to the top
stubbornly hidden
behind the late.


The strong link

The strong link

I grew up
For you.
Talar me. My acacia
He implores the coup de grace to your hands.

For you.
Cut me. My Lily
at birth he doubted be flower or candle.

I fluí
For you.
Drink me. Crystal
envy clear my spring.

Wings di
for you.
Match me. Moth,
your flame of filled with impatience I rodeo.

I will suffer for you.
Blessed be the damage that your love give me!
Blessed be the axe, blessed the network!
and celebrated are scissors and thirst!

Blood from the side
manaré, my beloved.
What more beautiful brooch, what more pleasant jewel?
that for you a sore Scarlet?

Instead of beads for my hair,
seven long spines hundiré among them.
And rather than tendrils I will put in my ears,
as two rubies, two bermejas embers.

I'll laugh watching me suffer.
And you guaguanco,
and then... more mine that you never will be!


Sorrow and joy of love

Sorrow and joy of love
Watch how makes me
the skin when you recuerdo…

By the throat I upload
a fresh blood River
the wound that crosses
of part to part of my body.
I have nails in the hands
and knives in the fingers
and in my Temple a Crown
made of black pins.

Watch how makes me
skin everytime I remember
I'm a married man
and however you want.

From your House to my house
There is a wall of silence,
nettles and prickly pear,
of lime, sand, wind,
of dark Honeysuckle
and glass in stalking.
A wall so that never
can skip it the people,
It is stealing the key
that save our secret.
And I know that I want to!
And thou knowest that I love!
As we know the two
and nobody can tell.


The desperate song

The desperate song

Your memory of the night when I am emerges.
The River tied to the sea its stubborn lament.

Abandoned as the docks at the dawn.
It is the time of departure, abandoned oh!

Cold Corollas it raining down on my heart.
Oh, bilge debris, fierce Cave of shipwrecked!

You accumulated wars and flights.
Wings of song birds they raised you.

All you what you tragaste, as the remoteness.
As the sea, as the time. Everything in you was wreck!

It was joyful time of the assault and the kiss
The hour of the stupor that burned like a beacon.

Anxiety of pilot, diver blind fury,
turbid love drunk, everything in you was wreck!

In the childhood of fog, my soul winged and wound.
Discoverer lost, everything in you was wreck!

I made back the shadow wall,
I walked beyond the desire and the Act.

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