God's World

Rams with horns
cranes standing still
hummingbird straws
porcupine quills

armadillo armor
woodpecker drills
camouflaged chameleon
he can even do carnelian

fins of the dolphin
each bluebird wing
scorpion's sting
kangaroo pouch swing

beavers build dams
bees' hexagon combs
wasp masonry
birds weave nesthomes

rabbits burrowing
fox subterfuge
crow collecting
mole refuge

pigs' adaptability
rats' flexibility
Carries dromedary
her own dairy

shark teeth
lion claws
spiderweb spinning
give us pause

horses' hooves
ducks' webbed feet
giraffe height
firefly light

cheetah speed
camels' hump
whale rafts
elephant trunk

parrot mimicry
bear hibernation
skunk perfume
butterfly transformation


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