Wolf Spirit

The spirit of the wolf
It calls to thee
A message from the soul
At last to be set free

Listen to the message
As you read this verse
Listen with your heart and soul
And so remove the curse

Hear the wolves as they howl
They speak of greatest sadness
Betraying natures beauty
Midst the humans foolish madness

Of man as he did plunder
That which was once our home
The landscape torn asunder
Please leave this land alone.

We travel now in smaller packs
As we search for wilderness
Nurturing our young
In utmost tenderness

Hiding from the scent of man
So that we may thrive
Traveling further up the mountain
In order to survive.

Hunting only for survival
No joy in the kill
No resemblance to human kind
Whom murder for the thrill

See our beauty feel our pain
But please just let us be
So that we may live in peace
Remaining wild and free


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